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What is a home inspection? A home inspection is a primarily visual examination of the visible and readily accessible components of the interior, exterior, structural, roof, electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems of a home for conditions which are currently adversely affecting the normally intended function or operation of those systems and their components. The…

Cranston, RI, April 17, 2010 -- FEMA inspector Mike Irwin with home owner Jose Henriquez run through his home inspection again to illustrate to the media what a FEMA home inspection looks like and what people can expect when they have their homes inspected.  Photo: Michael Rieger/FEMA

Home inspections aren’t something that most people have done regularly. Because of this, many folks aren’t really sure what to expect – or what sort of questions they should be asking their inspector. Here are 5 important questions you should ask before scheduling an inspection on your property. 1. What is the inspector’s background and…


Some people think that, beyond the initial scheduling, there’s nothing left to prepare for a home inspection. Well, they are wrong. There are actually a few steps you can take that will help ensure a smoother inspection process. Here’s what you should do to get ready for your home inspection:   Clean up the place….